« Rester dans la maison de Santiago, c’est faire un voyage dans le temps
avec toutes les commoditées Di XXI ème siècle,
des détails uniques, une expérience sans égale, des moments irrépétables. »

ce qu´on dit quand on nous rend visite


  • José and Francisco not only host you to their family home and makes you feel most welcome, they also takes you on a journey into history of Casa de Santiago. A place full of peace and calmness. A place that allows you to slow down and rest but it also made me create paintings and I absolutely will be back for more. More painting, more fresh lemon from the trees, more history and more José and Francisco I am very grateful to have been able to get to know this place and it’s spirit. Many thanks to José, Francisco and his lovely angels Fatima and João.

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    Maximilian Magnus
    Maximilian Magnus Berlin / Artist
  • Tucked away in the scenic hills of Alentejo, Casa de Santiago is a truly authentic and unique experience. It exudes every element of Portuguese tradition and yet has a contemporary feel, particularly with the stunning outdoor pool. If you want a taste of Portuguese culture, in ultimate comfort, this is the place to stay. I could not recommend it enough.

    Galen Crawley CEO e Criador do capeesh
  • I stayed at the most wonderful place “ Casa de Santiago" in December. Perched at the top of the hill just beneath the chapel lies this jewel of a manor house with spectacular views of the town of Santiago below and a charming walled garden at the rear. Inside it is restored with great care decorated in most exquisite taste. For me it was the most perfect weekend getaway and I can’t wait to go back.

    Mogens Tholstrup Lisbon

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