After having inherited the house from their parents,
the two brothers, José Duarte and Francisco Lobo de Vasconcellos,
decided to create a ‘Turismo de habitação’
(a kind of unique bed and breakfast place)
and developed the “Casa de Santiago” project.

For José Duarte, who was born in the house in Santiago, the project is an opportunity to return to his roots. After having had a career in real estate and private banking, he is currently the manager of Real Glow – business and management consultancy, which works in real estate and finance for foreign clients. José says that the “Casa de Santiago” project “represents the past, the home where I was born and where I grew up; the present, the house where I spent some of the best moments of my life with my family and the many friends I have from all over the world; and it also represents the future, which is to preserve and pass on everything I have lived and learnt up until now.”

Francisco, married with three children, is an architect, who has always been involved in heritage restoration projects and has been part of several projects in the region, both in a professional and personal capacity, in the areas of Heritage, Culture, Tourism, Planning and Environmental Conservation, adds: “it was an opportunity to benefit from and recover our heritage, this house and garden, to pass it on to the next generations and, in the end, to continue to do what has always been done here: receive visitors, friends, have a good time and hope that our guests will be able to feel that family spirit that is unique to the Casa de Santiago”.


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